March 13, 2013


Jared Evan & Statik Selektah Explain Experimental Mixtape 'Boom Bap & Blues'

In the latest episode of The Mixdown, New York singer-rapper Jared Evan and Massachusetts producer-DJ Statik Selektah talk about their collaboration mixtape Boom Bap & Blues. The record features Action Bronson and Joey Bada$$, and there are tracks dedicated to different types of women—mean, crazy, et al. There's even one about Uma Thurman. Check out highlight from Fuse's video Q&A below.

On the experimental elements of Boom Bap & Blues:
Evan: Statik obviously has coined his own sound ... What I do juxtaposes what he does. It’s been an experiment. We just went into the studio, no pressure, no guidelines, no thinking, just making dope music. That’s all we did. Out came the project.

On life imitating art:
Statik: Two days later [after recording mixtape cut “Black & White”], I went on a date with this chick I really liked. And she was like, "I see things in black and white." And I was like, "You’re finished! See you later! Peace!" I didn’t literally get up and leave, but in my mind I was like ‘This ain’t going nowhere.’

Suffering for the music:
Statik: I started working [at a] radio [station] at 13 years old, so literally I don’t know anything but doing music all day, everyday. It has hurt relationships in my life. It’s hurt my health. At the end of the day, it’s my everything and my energy, so it is what it is. At this point, I look at it like I’ve actually sacrificed a part of my life for the music and that will be my legacy.