March 13, 2013


Miguel Wants to Collaborate With Kelly Clarkson & Jack White

Kelly Clarkson was super impressed with R&B rising star Miguel's Grammy performance last month, even saying, "Miguel, I don't know who the hell you are, but we need to sing together" during her acceptance speech. Kelly, Miguel feels the same way. He also loves you, too, Jack White.

In a new interview with Extra, Miguel said that he ran into Clarkson backstage at the Grammys and "had to stop her and thank her," he said. "It was so genuine... to mention me in her own Grammy speech. It was much appreciated and I had to tell her and let her know that whenever she was ready, we're down to work." 

Get into the studio! Now! But when asked for his "dream" collabo, Miguel named the one, the only Jack White. How about a group collabo? A single to be released on White's Third Man Records? Miguel, have your peeps get on the phone, ASAP.

Watch the video interview above, complete with an a cappella version of his hit "Adorn."