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March 17, 2013


Doritos #BoldStage Brings Giant Vending Machine to SXSW

The Doritos #BoldStage brought more than up-and-comers and legends of hip-hop and rock to SXSW this weekend. 

Check out all of our pictures from the show.

A 62-foot tall vending machine, the foot of which was the stage itself, and several 30-foot LED screens delivered a jaw-dropping presence, making the #BoldStage the de-facto center of activity in Austin. An enormous Tesla Coil zapping out lightning was the cherry on top.

All of that wasn't just for show, though - Doritos allowed fans the opportunity to control the special effects throughout the weekend. By tweeting the hashtag #BoldStage on Twitter, fans were able to choose what appeared on the LED screens and other actions during the performances.

SXSW may be coming to a close, but we're still updating our festival hub with coverage all week.