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Music vs. Lyrics: Which Is More Important?

Which do you pay more attention to? We ask Rob Zombie and Twenty One Pilots to weigh in on this decisive question

Music inspires many debates. Like politics, religion and college football, we love to argue our opinions about our favorite artists, genres and everything in between.

Today, we bring forth the question: What do you look for first in a song, music or lyrics? To help settle this often-argued point of contention, we enlisted the musical guidance of Rob Zombie and Twenty One Pilots. 

Obviously music and lyrics are the two core parts of anything you listen to. But when you hear a new band or a new track for the first time, what do you find your attention drawn to most? Maybe you're the type to ignore a melody that might not be the catchiest in exchange for harder-hitting poetry. Or perhaps you're on the total flip side - you don't care about the lyrics at all, maybe you'll never even bother to learn them - and you just want to vibe with the tunes. 

Our suggestion? Try both and pick a side.

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