March 26, 2013


Thirty Seconds to Mars Call Launching Song Into Space "Bizarre & Incredible"

Thirty Seconds to Mars got all ambitious with their fourth album, naming it Love Lust Faith + Dreams, then recording in studios across the globe and even premiering its first single, "Up in the Air," from the International Space Station. Frontman Jared Leto explains the band's new era to Fuse.

On Launching "Up in the Air" Into Space: "What a bizarre and incredible experience that was. We were at N.A.S.A. in Florida, the Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral. We brought a CD with us. We put it into the cargo bay on the space ship's 'dragon capsule.' And we sent it up into space. It was a sight to see: the power of the rocket; it was incredibly bright and intense. Then a couple of days ago, we were at Mission Control in Houston at N.A.S.A. again talking with the astronauts. Sure enough, he pulled the CD out, spun it around and it was floating in space. It was really magical—unforgettable."

On Album's International Influences: "I think that we really made the album that we set out to make. We recorded all over the world: Paris to Berlin; India to Schladming, Austria! That was certainly a huge influence on the album. (Proof: Fuse got an early listen to songs from the album and there is a song with chanting and no English lyrics) 

Love, Lust, Faith + Dreams Cohesive Sound & Story: "Love, lust, faith and dreams; each of the songs of the album touch on those four themes. Each of those words are used in every song at least once. Certainly, a really conceptual album from the very beginning. Very much an album album, not just a collection of singles."