March 27, 2013


Toro y Moi's "Never Matter" Video Tests His Music on Passerbys

People have disparate reactions to the music of Toro y Moi. For some people at SXSW, Chaz Bundick's music is a perfect excuse to bump n' grind, while for others, it's exclusively used as chilled-out relaxation music.

The funky, synthy track "Never Matter" is a perfect example of that. While you could call it chillwave, it's also a beguilingly funky synth-pop tune. Whether it's suited for dancing or quiet at-home listening (or both) is entirely up to the listener, and this video plays to that.

Filmed at a South Caroline flea market, this video captures the responses of random passerbys to this Toro y Moi track. Reactions range from excitement to disgust to befuddlement to full-on-dancing. It's a funny, clever video (with a Shyamalan twist ending!) and definitely worth watching even if you're on the fence about Toro y Moi and the so-called chillwave movement. Check it out above.