April 30, 2013


FYI, Steel Panther Is NOT Playing Avril Lavigne & Chad Kroeger's Wedding

We recently talked to Avril Lavigne in L.A. about her upcoming nuptials to Nickelback's Chad Kroeger, and the pop-punk princess wants to go a surprisingly sweet route for her wedding. "I think I wanna go kind of more like, jazz music, French music," says Lavigne. "And then have a DJ afterwards." 

And then the ever inappropriate Steel Panther steps in. We talked to the filthy-mouthed metal band in New York, and they have some of their own ideas for Avril and Chad's wedding. "'Community Property' definitely stands out to me right away. That should be their first dance," lead singer Michael Starr told us, before singing the tune's totally romantic lyrics: "'Cause my c-ck is community property..."

Steel Panther, who's been rumored to be the wedding band at the couple's big day, didn't do anything to quash the rumors. "They're doing the wedding on a cruise ship, and they're flying us out to Florida to start out there," Starr joked. (He's kidding, by the way! Avril told us so.)