April 4, 2013


Beyonce Previews New Song "Grown Woman" in Retrospective Pepsi Commercial

UPDATE: Go behind the scenes of Bey's new Pepsi spot now!

After that epic six-second preview Beyonce posted yesterday of... something, we now know what we've spent the last 24 hours waiting for: a Pepsi commercial. Boo!

The plus side: We get a pretty decent 45-second snippet of Bey's new song, "Grown Woman," a driving dance floor jam that'll be on gym playlists everywhere as soon as it drops. We also see Beyonce put her acting hat back on as she takes a look in the mirrors in the rehearsal studio and sees reflections of her old selves staring back at her - "Bootylicious" Beyonce, "Crazy in Love" Beyonce and "Single Ladies" Beyonce. So... that's cool?

The down side: This is just a Pepsi commercial! Also, there's no way on earth Beyonce hydrates during practice with a can of Pepsi. (Not even Diet! Regular!) But they do happen to be the company sponsoring her Mrs. Carter tour, so at least she looks damn good pretending.