April 18, 2013


The Officially Official Version of Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" Is Officially Official

Fine, you evil marketing and promotion people at Columbia. You win. You are Machiavellian geniuses and have helped make Daft Punk's upcoming Random Access Memories the most anticipated album of the year. I salute you and your Vine tracklist.

How anticipated are two robots dressed as people? After snippets of lead single "Get Lucky," the duo's collaboration with Pharrell and funk legend Nile Rodgers, was shown on a recent Saturday Night Live, the Internet did what it does best: Speculate wildly and release fake, full-length versions of the track. But now, the group have finally released the official version of the track above.

Earlier this week, Dutch DJ Michiel Veenstra has played what appears to be the official version of the track, recording himself playing the song and posting to YouTube.