April 11, 2013


Exclusive: It's a Chalk Fight in HUDSON's "Chained" Video Premiere!

Finger-picking ukulele, blasting harmonica and a gritty, belting voice. It isn't the type of music you'd expect from a major pop star's brother, but meet HUDSON: Katy Perry's younger brother who's carving out a musical identity all his own.

The youngest of the three Hudson children (Katy's real name is Katheryn Hudson), 24-year-old David Hudson arrives with his debut music video to his folk-inspired single "Chained." 

The Tulsa, OK native's visual breaks up into dark and light scenes. One moment, he's singing his heart out in a smoky room and the next he's playing in clouds of colorful chalk with his backing band. All the while, HUDSON sings lyrics of confused, torn feelings. "I wanna run from you / not feeling like I should / but that's just what you do / I'm trying to let go, let loose / but with that grip that you got / there's not much I can do," he belts in his raw, uninhibited vocal approach.

A promising start for the artist who we have to give major props for not using his sister's fame to his own advantage.

Check out the exclusive premiere above.