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Exclusive Interview

Dynamic DJ Duo NERVO Say Talking to Fans is "Like Therapy!"

The Aussie Twins masterminded hits for Ke$ha, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue and more, but venturing out with their own music felt "intimidating and scary." That is, until fans reached back...

"Heartbreak!!" they laugh-shout in unison, "trying to hold on to something that was gone." 

The NERVO twins are lounging by the Fuse Coachella House, chatting freely about their careers, working with labels, and playlist favorites (Flume!).

But it's talking about their fans that get the duo most excited, bubbling over with overlapping thoughts and exclamations. 

They yelled "heartbreak" when asked about the inspiration behind their most recent single, "Hold On," and it's this song that's been the most cathartic in a long journey of self-exposure. 

They were beautiful but hidden before, working on other extremely famous artists' songs. Venturing out with their own music felt "really vulnerable...the songs were about us." 

But the response from fans was positively theraputic: 

"we've had so many beaitful reactions from fans...we've had some girls reach out and say, 'oh my god I know what you mean!'" and "'it's my breakup song and he didn't call me back!!'"


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