April 3, 2013


Watch the Nicki Minaj Video That Almost Killed Lil Wayne

Nicki Minaj just dropped her "High School" video with Lil Wayne, a clip full of sex, crime and helicopters that will not remind you of your high school experience in any way.

More important than the video itself, however, is the backstory. This is the video shoot that Lil Wayne admitted he "could've died" on after suffered multiple seizures due to his epilepsy.

The "High School" video doesn't tip its hat to that near tragedy in any way, though. Instead, it finds Minaj & Weezy getting kinky between the sheets in a tale of high-stakes robbery. But despite the clip's erotic content, Minaj told MTV "he refused to touch me" until she laid down the do's and don'ts. "If I didn't tell him 'Yes, you can do this' or 'touch this,' he refused to do it. He's a southern gentleman, which people don't realize."

Any guesses for what their safety word was? My guess is "Birdman," because nothing takes you out of the mood like thinking of that guy.