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Of Course There's a Kim Kardashian Look-Alike in Ray J's "I Hit It First" Video

Even though the R&B singer previously stated the song wasn't about Kim specifically, the video makes us think otherwise. (Just admit it, dude. Everyone needs to pay rent)

Just when you thought there wasn't anyone on earth thirstier than Kim Kardashian, Ray J released his "I Hit It First" video.

Even though the R&B singer told The Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Show that the song's not really about his ex-girlfriend/co-sex tape star—"It’s about a concept, people going way too deep"—we're not buying it. Not only is the chick in the video an exact Kim K. doppelganger, but Ray J directly references Kim's reality show career, plastering a fake E! logo on the bottom corner of the video. #shade

We reached out for comment from Kardashian regarding her thoughts on the video, but she was too busy swimming in her vault of gold-plated hundos. 


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