April 29, 2013


Of Course There's a Kim Kardashian Look-Alike in Ray J's "I Hit It First" Video

Just when you thought there wasn't anyone on earth thirstier than Kim Kardashian, Ray J released his "I Hit It First" video.

Even though the R&B singer told The Cipha Sounds & Rosenberg Show that the song's not really about his ex-girlfriend/co-sex tape star—"It’s about a concept, people going way too deep"—we're not buying it. Not only is the chick in the video an exact Kim K. doppelganger, but Ray J directly references Kim's reality show career, plastering a fake E! logo on the bottom corner of the video. #shade

We reached out for comment from Kardashian regarding her thoughts on the video, but she was too busy swimming in her vault of gold-plated hundos.