April 16, 2013


The Hives Talk Touring With Pink, 20th Anniversary & Fashion Icons

20 years together is no small feat for a rock n' roll group. The Hives, who formed in 1993, began their 2013 rocking out in an opening slot for Pink's The Truth About Love Tour. But that’s not the only way they plan to celebrate. Fuse caught up with the garage quintet who talked everything from the fuchsia-haired signer to booze-filled celebration plans to fashion icons (apparently, Dracula counts). Watch the interview above with the key quotes below:

How to celebrate the Hives’ 20th anniversary:
Chris Dangerous: "We’ve been thinking about what to do and we’re going to try to be in an open field; not close to water or a railway. We’re going to try to drink 100 beers together. Maybe film it? And see what happens."

Touring with Pink:
Dangerous: "She flies and there’s trapeze, it’s pretty full-on. They do a lot of stuff. I tried the flying thing. It's amazing. I didn’t sing at the time doing it, it’s impressive that she sings while doing."
Howlin' Pelle Almqvist: "It’s been really, really great, 20,000 people a night that have never seen us before. And they seem to get excited, that’s the way rock ‘n roll works. It’s a poison that seeps in bit by bit. At the end of the show, they seem pretty excited about the fact that we’re there."

Why they always dress in black-and-white suits:
Almqvist: "Dracula and Fred Astaire are our main fashion icons. And maybe 18th-century Robber Baron. Something happens to our psychology when we wear our clothes that makes it sound better. Or, it’s something in the fabric that bounces audio frequencies off in a different way. We wear the clothes to record and it sounds great, so why change it?"