April 8, 2013


The National Reveal "Demons," Chalk Art Love in New Video

After debuting three new tracks from their upcoming sixth album Trouble Will Find Us last week in Berlin, The National have dropped an official video for new song "Demons." And as you'd expect for a track from these Ohio-turned-Brooklyn rockers, "Demons" is an effervescent pop tune that's ready to tear up the charts—and maybe tug a few heartstrings, too.

Okay, "Demons" is actually none of those things. Like most National tracks, its mood is of the "why did I get out of bed today?" variety and should be avoided if you're clinically depressed. But on the plus side, it features a cool time-lapse video of chalk art recreating the new album's rather creepy cover.

Watch it above while you patiently wait for those tracks featuring one of their many promised collaborators to drop.