May 2, 2013


Watch Deftones Cover "Jump" to Honor Kris Kross' Chris Kelly

Sometimes it's the unexpected tributes, covers and cross-genre respect between artists that make music so damn magical—this is a community and Wednesday night it lost one of its members. And just after news of Kris Kross founder Chris Kelly's sudden death at 34 spread online, Deftones paid tribute to the fallen '90s hip hop icon with a cover of "Jump" during their concert at the Pageant in St. Louis, Missouri.

You'll wonder why you're tearing up—yes, it's that powerful and sweet. Who knew "Jump" made such a solid rap-rock track?

Deftones are no stranger to tragedy. Just last month their founding bassist Chi Cheng died after spending four years in a coma. In 2008 he suffered major brain injuries from a car accident that left him in a minimally conscious state.