May 9, 2013


Indie Song of the Summer Contender: Smith Westerns' "Varsity"

Chicago indie rockers Smith Westerns just dropped the video for "Varsity," the lead single to their third album Soft Will (out 5/25). Not only is it one of the most exuberant, well-crafted tracks they've ever released, but it’s a serious contender for Indie Song of the Summer.

Much like the dreamily ecstatic song itself, the "Varsity" video is full of the guileless joy of young love. The couple in this video do romantic hipster activities like lock lips in a service elevator, do handstands on a roof and blow smoke into each other's mouths.

All this takes place as flowers, grapefruits and other images of summery fertility appear before the camera. Although the lava lamp toward the end makes me wonder if there's a much-darker follow-up video starring this same girl in the works, where she wakes up the next day and realizes she's made a terrible mistake.

Regardless, watch it above and enjoy that sense of first-love nostalgia it brings to mind.