May 2, 2013


MGMT Debut New Song on Tour: "Don't Take the Lyrics the Wrong Way," Frontman Jokes

After playing newbie "Mystery Disease" at Penn State, MGMT's spring tour rolled into Portland, Maine's State Theatre Tuesday night, when the band debuted yet another track from their upcoming June release. Watch footage of "Your Life Is a Lie" above. 

It's lacking the heavy synths that reportedly cover the LP, but its jangly guitars and bounce-y rhythms nod to other influences, like the Zombies and Kinks, which colored MGMT's last album, 2010's Congratulations.

"Don't take the lyrics the wrong way," frontman Andrew VanWyngarden joked onstage. "This is actually a positive message." At least we know that one of the duo's best traits, their wry humor, is intact on their upcoming album.