May 14, 2013


Fashion, Dancing, Kissing & More: Sky Blu's Dos & Don'ts for Prom Season

With hits like "Party Rock Anthem" and "Sexy & I Know It," it's clear LMFAO's Sky Blu knows how to party. So who better to provide tips for the biggest party of high school? Check out the electro-pop star's dos and don'ts for prom in the video above, and read highlights below.

How to ask a girl or guy to prom:
"You need to take five minutes prior to gather yourself. You got to breathe, you got to think happy thoughts. When you go to the special lady or the special guy, you got to be confident. You got to feel that they're going to say yes before you even ask. Make sure your breath is right and make sure that your hair is straight."

What to wear on prom night:
"You have to wear something very sleek and comfortable that will let your body breathe on the dance floor. When you're dancing, it's going to get hot! You gotta make sure it's some good fabric to let your body breathe."

How to get a kiss at the end:
"When you want to kiss a girl, you don't want to spend the whole night at a distant. You always have that respect for her, but hold her hand. Maybe put the hand on the knee sometime. Any excuse to have a little touch, a little interaction. So, at the end of the night, when you go for the kiss, it's not awkward. You want to be able to ease in there."

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