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One Bold Fan Interviews Kendrick Lamar at Bonnaroo

One brave fan decides to forego his plans for the fourth day of Bonnaroo, but ends up with the chance to meet and interview one of his favorite rappers!

It pays to be bold. 

When host Esteban Serrano asked a fan named Raul if he wanted to throw his plans for day four of Bonnaroo out the window and instead hang out with Fuse, Raul said yes!

Esteban had a full slate of interviews for the day, so Raul – as bold as they come – volunteered to step in his place and interview Kendrick Lamar. They talk about Lamar's Bonnaroo experience and his new album, then Raul gets a prime viewing spot for his set!

Check out the video above and the rest of our Bonnaroo coverage

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