June 16, 2013


Kendrick Lamar Explains Plan for Black Hippy Domination

 Kendrick Lamar made it to Bonnaroo's main stage this year after a dynamite performance in one of the tents in 2012. (His year-winning album good kid, m.A.A.d. city can't have hurt, either.) Lamar sat down with Fuse News' Matte Babel and said he thrives on the opportunity to make new fans at a festival. "That's exactly the best part. A lot of times it won't be your crowd, it'll be the headliner crowd, and they could be a whole other genre of music," Lamar said. "If you can win them over, and get a cheer out of them, at least one or two, I think you'll be alright."

Lamar also explained what's up with his Black Hippy crew—comprised of himself, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, and Schoolboy Q—and how they space out their times in the limelight. "We always look at it as a cycle, man. It's not just one artist or two artists, it's a collective, an actual label that's family at the end of the day. We all wanna see each other win. That's how we planned it ten years ago, so now it's just about putting it in motion."

Lamar will appear on "Collard Greens" on Schoolboy Q's major label debut, Oxymoron, simply 'cause it's the track Q chose Lamar for. "That's his album, he has his own vision, I'm just there if I can put any help to it," he said. K-Dot also spoke about learning from Pharrell and Dr. Dre's skills as producers. "The ultimate thing is always keeping that level of being professional. These are some of the most professional guys I've been around in the studio. I always carry that inside the studio, to know I'm goin' in there to work and not just sit on the last record I did." Sounds like he'll take the challenge of topping good kid, m.A.A.d city pretty seriously, which is all we could hope for.

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