June 28, 2013


Incubus Frontman Brandon Boyd Unveils "Come Together" Lyric Video

Incubus frontman Brandon Boyd is stepping out on his own again. He recently unveiled his new side project, Sons of the Sea, with the debut track, "Where All the Songs Come From," released via Rolling Stone earlier this week.

Today, we've got the premiere of Sons of the Sea's (mostly) lyric video, "Come Together." A Beatles cover, it is not. According to Brandon, the song is about coming together... romantically.

"It's about sex," Boyd tells Fuse. "It will probably be the most difficult song for me to talk about because it's the most simple in its content and the most tidy song I've written in my life. I had the melody in my head and [producer] Brendan O'Brien and I started developing the song.

"I had a strong visual reference for how I wanted the song to sound: the scene in the movie Fast Times At Ridgemount High where Phoebe Cates comes out of the pool in slow motion, water spraying everywhere, and she undoes her bikini top to show the world the glory."

Well, there's no half-naked women in the "Come Together" video—just pages of a book turning slowly to reveal the song's lyrics and a girl dressed in all white rocking out to the track. Here, Boyd eschews the metal and mellow aspirations of his band in favor of uptempo, funk-inspired rock. 

As for what inspired the treatment behind the video, Boyd admits it was his lack of technological understanding that made him consult other resources. "I was forced into ingenuity because of a total lack of know-how on how to stream lyrics across a screen. Before I made this I did some homework on lyric videos. And though I got an eyeful as to what was being done, I also felt quite discouraged because of how good a lot of them are!

"So I just used the tools that I had directly at my disposal (a camera, my quasi-legible handwriting, an old sketchbook and the girl I live with who just so happens to love to dance) and sort of went for it."

Sons of the Sea's four-track EP, Compass, is out now on Avow Records.