June 20, 2013


Dizzy Wright Talks Hitting the Studio With Wyclef Jean

Las Vegas rapper Dizzy Wright is on the rise. At 22, he's already been spitting rhymes for more than a decade, and in the past four years he's released six mixtapes, an EP and his debut album SmokeOut Conversations. He even landed a spot on XXL's Freshman cover. Now he's working in the studio with Fugees legend Wyclef Jean

"I was in the studio with Wyclef... I'm inspired by him," Wright tells Fuse. "I recently did my research on the Fugees and to be able to make music with him and vibe out, that's the stuff that gets me going. He went in... he was playing guitar and singing, just catching vibes. It was the highlight of my career. We were in the studio til 4 in the morning. It was the tightest sh-t ever."

Wright also tells Fuse about his influences, especially '90s classics from Jay-Z, Nas, Wu-Tang, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre and the late Nate Dogg. "I'm just trying to stay open-minded," he says. That sound helped shape his track "Killem Wit Kindness," which he said was influenced by Tupac's "Letter 2 My Unborn Child." The video, below, even stars his young daughter. 

He says the track is a learning lesson. "[The track] is some sh-t to keep me out of trouble. Everybody wants to do this and thinks they can be the man, but you gotta kill them with kindness. I teach my daughter that. The title should be enough for her to run with that. If I'm not here or whatever the case is... it's really one of my favorite [tracks]."

Wright also talks about breakout Seattle rapper Macklemore, an inspiration to his career: "He was the underdog last year and nobody knew who the f-ck he was. That's crazy," Wright explains. "I feel like I'm kind of the sleeper. Being from the West Coast feels like it's a little detached from the media on the East Coast. Macklemore was that dude, just in the back looking at everybody, like, 'I'm gonna really do something.'"

"That's kind of how I was [in the studio with Wyclef]. Like, 'Alright, I'll see you n-ggas next year.'"