June 12, 2013


Exclusive: Farewell 2 Fear Put a Dark Rock Spin on Rihanna's "Diamonds"

For some (mainly Rihanna) "shining bright like a diamond" means frolicking in fields with horses and wearing a super sexy sheer dress in a pool. (See: Her "Diamonds" video.) For others, i.e. NOLA rockers Farewell 2 Fear, it means groupies. Lots and lots of groupies. 

You might see these guys and wonder why they chose a Rihanna cover--they're not exactly in the same section of the record store. But Farewell 2 Fear are admittedly big RiRi fans, and it was the perfect last song to add to their new album, New Blood. "The feedback we've gotten from the song is, 'Wow...'" lead singer Mike Craig said. "It's not necessarily a cover but a remake. And obviously we're a rock band, and it is such a different mix to do something like that."

Check out Farewell 2 Fear's official "Diamonds" video (featuring many groupies) above. Their debut album, New Blood, is out now.