June 5, 2013


Ladies Man: Father John Misty Unveils Perfume Line, "Innocence"

In a move that brings new light to his Fear Fun track "Only Son of the Ladiesman," Father John Misty is joining the ranks of Lady Gaga, Rihanna others by releasing his own brand of perfume—and it's especially for the ladies. You dog, Misty! 

He teamed with Sanae Intoxicants for a new line called (seriously) "Innocence". It contains "pure botanical fragrances of Sweet Orange Oil, Tunisian Neroli, Mimosa Absolute, Violet Absolute, Jasmine Grand, Bourbon Vanilla, and Linden Blossom." It'll be available in August in a limited edition of 300 bottles. 

Apply it, inhale deeply, then imagine Misty magically appearing to wriggle and croon shirtless in your room. 

The Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter also just released the music video for "Funtimes in Babylon." In the clip, he stumbles through a post-apocalyptic wasteland, riddled with demolished airplane parts, then shimmies and dances on one of the plane's hole-ridden wings. 

Ladies, how can you not love this dude?