June 18, 2013


John Mayer Singing About Taylor Swift in New Song "Paper Doll"?

It's listed in Vevo as the song's lyric video, but we're really hoping this is actually the official video for John Mayer's "Paper Doll." John found inspiration in the newest fitness craze—Prancercising—for his latest video, getting Joanna Rohrback (AKA the original Prancerciser) to appear in the clip herself. The Internet, ladies and gentlemen—what a place.

But tear yourself away from the mesmerizing moves long enough to read the lyrics of the song, and if you pay any kind of attention to Mayer's romantic life (or happen to have seen a tabloid in the past five years) you might be thinking the story sounds a little familiar. "You're like 22 girls in one/ And none of them know what they're running from/  Was it just too far to fall/ For a little paper doll," John sings. Why'd he pick the number 22 there, huh? OH, BECAUSE TAYLOR SWIFT, obviously.*

There you have it: John Mayer misses Taylor Swift and loves the Prancercise lady. Can we make room for her on his list of exes

*Just a guess.