June 27, 2013


Watch "Thriller" Girlfriend's Insane Video Tribute to Michael Jackson

Actress and model Ola Ray may not be a household name, but she occupies a key part of musical and cultural history. As Michael Jackson's girlfriend in "Thriller," it's Ray who plays the Scream Queen to MJ's werewolf and zombie. Given her other roles—a "Playboy Playmate" in Beverly Hills Cop II, "Vroman's Dancer" (??) in 48 Hrs. and "Hooker #1" in 1981's Body and Soul—it was by far the biggest moment of her career.

Still, that doesn't make the above video any less baffling. The 52-year-old actress says in the intro that this is her first single and a tribute to Jackson. That tribute includes shaky camerawork, female zombies, lots of green screen and (probably unauthorized) footage of Ray in "Thriller".

"Do you remember on this day/When you and I went out to play," sings Ray in her best Chaka Khan imitation over what sound like drum machines from a 1980s Casio. "You were the King of Pop/You know you rock/And I was your queen/On the movie screen."

There's also a Breakin'-esque '80s dance breakdown in the 6-minute (!!) video because of course there is. I'm still not really sure if what I just saw above actually happened, but see for yourself. We all grieve in different ways, I suppose. 

See you next Wednesday.