June 26, 2013


Miley Cyrus Says Being High Is Key to Friendship With Snoop Dogg

Miley Cyrus dropped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday night, and it turns out the hilarious TV host was just as surprised as Fuse to hear Cyrus on Snoop Dogg's new reggae-tinged "Ashtrays & Heartbreaks." Crooning about smoking weed is certainly an unexpected direction for the former Hannah Montana star, right? Right!? 

"Snoop and I are more alike than you would think!" Cyrus said. "We're very similar." 

Kimmel jokingly responded, "That's because he's so high all the time!" Cyrus, never missing an opportunity to further scrub off her good girl image, responded, "Me too! So it's fine! That's why we get along so well."

The singer/actress also explained the bizarre imagery (like a taxidermy deer in sunglasses) in her new twerk-tastic "We Can't Stop" video. "Here's this scrawny deer that seems so sweet," she said. "He's all swagged up, he seems like he would be judged. He's trying to be something that he's not, but he's got to remember he can't be judged. That's supposed to be all my fans." 

Miley also explained another weird video moment--the partygoer laying in a pile of bread slices. "[It's] symbolic for money," she said.  

She also took the Jimmy Kimmel Live! stage to perform the new single. Plus, will.i.am joined her for a live rendition of "Fall Down," off his #willpower LP. Watch below.