June 20, 2013


The Postal Service Give First-Ever TV Performance on 'Colbert'

Ten years after dropping their debut album Give Up, the Postal Service gave their first TV performance on The Colbert Report last night. (Patience is a virtue guys; just ask Black Sabbath.)

Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello brought Jenny Lewis to perform the 2003 single "Such Great Heights" (above). Plus, they nailed a live rendition of "A Tattered Line of String" (below)—one of two new songs they released in February for the 10th anniversary deluxe release of Give Up.

The indie electronic duo also sat down for a quick chat with the political funnyman. (Look out for an old-school Toys "R" Us commercial starring Lewis!) Colbert also asked if a new LP in the future. Their answer? A collective "Uh..."

Watch the interview below. Does this mean we'll have to wait another 10 years for new material?