June 25, 2013


The Olms Reveal Medieval Origin of Pete Yorn's New Band

Fuse recently sat down with beloved indie maestro Pete Yorn and art illustrator/guitarist J.D. King to discuss their new project the Olms. The first question on our minds: What the hell is an olm?

"In the medieval ages an olm was thought to be a baby dragon," King explains. "But they're actually a salamander that dwells in a cave." "We're kind of cave-y ourselves," Yorn adds. "We usually like to come out at night, like an olm might do."

The Olms recorded their self-titled debut—which dropped earlier this month—in King's studio, which Yorn says was full of an eclectic collection of odd instruments. "He had a lot of cool stuff sitting around," Yorn says of King. "He'd break out a cello or bass clarinet or weird instruments he had sitting around. It was fun experimenting that way."

The Olms also revealed that King snuck footage of Yorn's 103-year-old grandfather into their "On the Line" video. For more about the "secret things you can spy" in their music video, watch the full interview above.