June 20, 2013


Black Dahlia Murder's Warped Tour Goal: "We're Gonna Punish the Ska Bands"

When Fuse's Katie Van Buren caught up with Michigan death metal outfit Black Dahlia Murder at the start of their first Warped Tour stint, she learned they already have their summer stalking plans well in order. 

"We're going to punish the ska bands," singer Trevor Strnad says. "It's when you like someone so much you annoy the sh-t out of them. So we're going to try to hang out with Goldfinger, Reel Big Fish, Big D and the Kids Table and Aquabats."

"We might not be cool enough to hang in their circle," guitarist Brian Eschbach opines, "But we'll see."

Black Dahlia also tell us the meaning behind Everblack, the title of their recently unleashed sixth album. "It's a death without God, it's a death without a promised land. It's sucky," Strnad says, laughing. "That's death metal isn't it? Dead babies, blood and guts—it's par for the course. Also, Everblack is a play on our longevity. Having new guys, but still sounding like the same band."

Watch the full interview above and check out some behind the scenes Warped Tour footage with Motion City Soundtrack and Black Veil Brides.