July 10, 2013


2NE1 Mix Reggae & K-Pop on New Single "Falling In Love"

South Korean girl group 2NE1 have unveiled the first track from their upcoming 2013 album and it's a bit of a surprise. The K-pop quartet flirt with reggae on "Falling in Love," a buoyant summer jam that adds island shades to their musical palette (which already covers hip hop and electropop).

While the tune is a bit like a K-pop version of Blondie's reggae foray "The Tide is High," the video is pure American R&B, with the girls gyrating like Beyonce while male hotties ogle them. The best part is when band member CL spits a verse that reminds us why we placed her on our list of 2013's Rising Female Rappers.

Surprisingly, watermelon does not feature in this video at all. Given how much the girls were raving about it when we spoke with them last year—Bom said that particular fruit is "better than rice"—and the summery vibe of this clip, we were kinda hoping to see them spitting some watermelon seeds with machine gun rapidity. Maybe next time!