July 16, 2013


Beyonce Performs "Bow Down" Live, Addresses Haters

No more Mrs. Nice Pop Star. During her hometown Houston stop on the Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, Beyonce performed her (quasi) single "Bow Down" live, and she took no prisoners.

Before the song, Bey showed a few throwback photos of the Beyhive when they were younger on the big screen a la her throwback cover of "Bow Down" (which became one of the more fun memes in recent Internet history). She also had fun with some popular Beyonce rumors, as girls gossiped over the loud speakers: "You know she bald-headed, that's why she's always wearing those damn weaves," "I mean, seriously, red toilet paper?" and "You know she's lying, she was never pregnant with that baby."

Then Beyonce promptly shut it down, which only makes us more anxious for a place to buy the song rather than listening to it repeatedly on SoundCloud. Where is that album, B? We're sick of being patient!