July 11, 2013


Crush Band Crossover: Chvrches Cover HAIM's "Falling"

When I learned that Fuse favorite Chvrches had covered HAIM's "Falling"—which is easily my favorite track of 2013—I did a Carlton-esque dance around the room.

As it turns out, that celebration was justified: This song is fresh. The Glasgow band recast the Cali sister-trio's Kate Bush-esque single as a jerky synth jam that's pretty damn killer. Listen to it above. 

It's a worthwhile re-imagining, showcasing Chvrches adept live-in-studio skills (it was recorded at BBC Radio 1) and their ability to make another artist's work their own.

Speaking of HAIM and covers, check out their version of the Strokes' "I'll Try Anything Once" while you patiently wait for Chvrches' The Bones Of What You Believe to drop on 9/24.