July 9, 2013


Kanye West Releases, Then Pulls, "Black Skinhead" Video

Julien Hekimian
Julien Hekimian

After that American Psycho-inspired short film and those aggressive, in-your-face projections he broadcast on various buildings to promote his new album, Kanye West's official "Black Skinhead" video leaves much to be desired. Mainly, Kanye West himself.

Yeezy dropped his first official video from Yeezus featuring The Sims version of himself. A buff, computerized Kanye is seen bouncing around in the dark with nothing but the light of his gold chain illuminating the screen. There's also some crazy, masked barking dog/thing that looks like the animator forgot to finish.

The video was pulled from the Internet almost immediately, leading us to assume it was never meant for public viewing in the first place. But Internet life is immortal, so watch it now if you're interested in what looks like a half-finished video.

Somewhere, Kanye is screaming at an intern while wearing A.P.C. jeans and plotting his own amusement park.