July 12, 2013


Watch: Ke$ha Freaks When Harry Styles Surprises Her on the Phone

The thing about being a famous person is that when you tell the world about your crush on One Direction's Harry Styles, there is a moderate-to-very-real chance that person might actually find out about your obsession. Which is exactly what happened to Ke$ha. In front of everyone. On the radio.

When the "Crazy Kids" singer stopped by the BBC's Radio One Breakfast Show, the host, Nick Grimshaw, called up his famous friend, Harry Styles, without telling Ke$ha. When Ke$ha found out Harry was on the line, hilarity—and genuine awkwardness—ensues.

Though Ke$ha and Harry find out they share the same favorite color (OMG, green, ME TOO), we don't exactly think these two will be going out for a romantic dinner any time soon. But, stranger things have happened