July 22, 2013


Liam Gallagher Lounges on Naked Women in Beady Eye's "Shine a Light" Vid

In Beady Eye's new music video for "Shine a Light," from the band's new album BE, frontman Liam Gallagher dresses like a priest in a black tunic, dines with a nun at a kingly feast and bathes in holy light. Oh, and lounges on a bunch of naked babes while stoic in his black shades, presumably thinking, "I am a fookin' rock n' roll god, man. I do what I want."

Clearly. Because the new video and its naked ladies arrive just in time for his new partnerity suit and (it appears) incoming divorce. So for Gallagher's wife, British pop star Nicole Appleton, the "Shine a Light" video adds insult to injury. 

The New York Post broke the story this past weekend, claiming New York Times writer Liza Ghorbani, who profiled Gallagher for the Times in 2010, is suing the singer for $3 million for child support. Their affair allegedly started shortly after the article was published and resulted in a baby girl's birth seven months ago. Now she's suing Gallagher in Manhattan Family Court and Appleton isn't wearing her wedding ring. Tough times for Gallagher.

Gallagher has yet to comment on the suit publicly, but it appears that it's hardly time to dress up like a priest and lounge on a gaggle of naked ladies.