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July 3, 2013


Go Behind the Scenes of Megadeth's "Super Collider" Video With Dave Mustaine

Fuse caught up with Dave Mustaine on the set of Megadeth's new music video for "Super Collider," the title track and lead single from the metal vets' 14th album.

Go behind the scenes of the video, which tells the story of young love between two high school science nerds. Then the girl's possessive father, played by Mustaine, snatches his daughter away from her crush.The two rekindle their relationship 10 years later at a high school reunion.

"We were trying not to have your typical metal video with topless nuns and disemboweling virgins," says the metal vet. "It's just so limiting. There's only so much you can do to with a guitar and shaking your hair around. We wanted to do something that was pretty cool and people would say, 'Wow that's a really interesting video.'"

In the video above, Mustaine also explains why Megadeth chose "Super Collilder" as the LP single, and why it was natural for him to play an overbearing dad. Then watch the final "Super Collilder" video below.