July 12, 2013


MS MR Go Public Access TV Chic in "Think of You" Video

"Think of you"—the clip for New York duo MS MR's theatrically serious single—is the latest in a long and storied line of indie acts creating lo-fi, VHS-styled music videos.

The expertly directed/edited clip shows lead singer Lizzy Plapinger, her defiant shock of red-orange hair, producer Max Hershenow and the duo's backing band playing a hokey public access TV show. And tearing it apart.

As the video channel-surfs between different low-budget TV standbys—painting tutorials, exercise programs, talk shows—a little boy watches it all from home. Before long, MS MR's emotionally intimate but musically sweeping song blows his mind and yanks him into the warped world.

Watch it above and check out our interview with MS MR where Plapinger talks about her dream of getting a song on Lena Dunham's Girls.