July 22, 2013


One Direction Wear Disguises (and Drag!) in Epic "Best Song Ever" Video

After a week of previews of their new big-budget video, One Direction has finally revealed their masterpiece, "Best Song Ever." Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and the rest of the boys each play two characters in the video: themselves and a hilarious alter ego. Nice acting chops, boys. We're impressed.

In the video, the band goes to Hollywood to meet with some VIPs, played by the boys themselves: Niall and Louis are big-time L.A. execs, Harry plays their marketing guy, Zayn is the hot (female!) assistant, and Liam comes in as the requisite flamboyant choreographer. The real 1D hates the VIPs' suggestions of a new image for the band—including a possible K-pop/B.A.P. makeover—so they go on a rampage around the fancy office. Adorable hijinks ensue!

"Best Song Ever" is the first single from One Direction's upcoming album, Where We Are. The boys are currently on the road on their tour of the same name.