July 29, 2013


Robin Thicke Reveals Origins of "Blurred Lines" Song & Video

Robin Thicke's ubiquitous R&B-pop hit "Blurred Lines" has owned the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 for the past seven weeks—the most time spent atop the chart this year. But the track's inspiration extends far beyond 2013. The Los Angeles blue-eyed soul singer tells Fuse that a No. 1 hit in 1977 by Marvin Gaye helped shape "Blurred Lines."

Thicke, 36, recalls the studio session with Pharrell that resulted in the mega hit. "I said [to Pharrell], 'I'd love to do something like 'Got to Give It Up,'" Thicke tells Fuse. "Pharrell and I started messing with drums, then he said the, 'Hey hey hey!' [line]. I hopped in the booth and the rest just came flying out."

Easy enough! But how about that NSFW video full of nude models? Well, following sexy visuals for past singles "Sex Therapy" and "Love After War," which involved Versailles-gaudy mansions, lingerie and low-lit, soap opera-worthy bedroom action, Thicke was aiming for a different kind of arousal.

"I wanted to do something funny and silly," he adds. "I had just done [parody show] Real Husbands of Hollywood and had such a great time doing comedy. I'd never done a video like that. [Pharrell, T.I. and I] were doing our old man barbeque dances and having a blast."

And while "Blurred Lines" is unquestionably the biggest hit of his career, Thicke admits he's already sick of the song, but adds, "I will happily sing it for the rest of my life. You can be sure of that." 

Watch the full interview above for more on the song and video.

p.s. In case you too have overplayed the mega hit a little too much, we suggest watching covers by Queens of the Stone Age or this Bill Clinton supercut.