July 23, 2013


Awkward! Selena Gomez Abruptly Ends Interview After Bieber Question

While promoting her just-released Stars Dance album, Selena Gomez found herself in an uber-awkward position when asked about on-again, off-again boyfriend Justin Bieber.

"You're about as close to Justin Bieber as they come," began the WGN host. And though the newly-minted 21-year-old singer was interviewed via satellite, the rising tension was palpable. "There's one story after another of [Bieber's] outrageous behavior. What don't we get about him?"

Cue Gomez staring at the floor, playing with her hair and flashing an uncomfortable smirk (aka a death stare) at her assistant who allowed the question to slip into the interview. Then the screen went blank, as Gomez and her team cut off the broadcast. 

Since the singer-actress won't discuss the Biebs, let's enjoy photos of the couple's cutest moments, in all their snuggly, eskimo-kissing adorableness.