July 18, 2013


Watch: Snoop Dogg Teaches Larry King How to Rap

Snoop Dogg—ahem, excuse me—Snoop Lion invited Larry King onto his GGN YouTube network to teach the suspender-wearing TV host how to rap, and the resulting broadcast news-style clip is adorable and totally giggle-inducing. Also, this buddy-buddying should transform into a hot new reggae-rap duo called, natch, Lion King. Roar. Watch above.

"Is there a Jewish rap star?" King asked Snoop. "Not yet," he replied—What, no love for Matisyahu? Drake? "I'm going to break ground here tonight as a Jewish rap star," King said.

While blazing a blunt, Snoop then asks King to name his favorite things—eating dinner, Dodger games, crunchy peanut butter. Then they swap clothes—King in Adidas jumpsuit and a rasta cap, holding a blunt; Snoop in white button-up and suspenders—and then King interviews Snoop. What do we learn? Snoop wants to make out with Sissy Spacek and Princess Diana. 

Later the duo spit raps over a groovy beat with bangin' ... wind chimes: "I like the Dodgers and I like reading, but the most important thing I like is eating!" 

Um... guys... does Larry King smoke weed?