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Watch: Snoop Dogg Teaches Larry King How to Rap

Dogg/Lion and King kick it and chat about baseball, Malcolm X, Sissy Spacek and eating peanut butter. Um... does Larry King smoke weed?

Snoop Dogg—ahem, excuse me—Snoop Lion invited Larry King onto his GGN YouTube network to teach the suspender-wearing TV host how to rap, and the resulting broadcast news-style clip is adorable and totally giggle-inducing. Also, this buddy-buddying should transform into a hot new reggae-rap duo called, natch, Lion King. Roar. Watch above.

"Is there a Jewish rap star?" King asked Snoop. "Not yet," he replied—What, no love for Matisyahu? Drake? "I'm going to break ground here tonight as a Jewish rap star," King said.

While blazing a blunt, Snoop then asks King to name his favorite things—eating dinner, Dodger games, crunchy peanut butter. Then they swap clothes—King in Adidas jumpsuit and a rasta cap, holding a blunt; Snoop in white button-up and suspenders—and then King interviews Snoop. What do we learn? Snoop wants to make out with Sissy Spacek and Princess Diana. 

Later the duo spit raps over a groovy beat with bangin' ... wind chimes: "I like the Dodgers and I like reading, but the most important thing I like is eating!" 

Um... guys... does Larry King smoke weed? 


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