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July 29, 2013


Tegan and Sara's Reply to Fan Letters: "You're Awesome!"

Despite an 18-year career and continued mainstream success, Tegan and Sara still receive letters thanking them for helping change fans' lives.

"We're very lucky in that sense. Even with an increased popularity and radio play, we seem to still be creating a very cool atmosphere for music," Tegan explained.

And when asked which artist the pair would love to receive fan mail from, Sara revealed her traumatizing Smashing Pumpkins story of '94.

"I wrote Billy Corgan a letter and was like, 'Hi, I love you. Would love it if you could send me lyrics to Gish,'" she said. "Never heard back. It was 20 years ago, and I haven't stopped thinking about it. I don't know if it got lost in the mail, or if it was a Canadian/American thing."

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