July 15, 2013


The-Dream Pretends to Cry While Watching His Fave Chick Flick, 'The Notebook'

Terius Nash, aka The-Dream, crafts smooth R&B jams full of sexy-raunchy lyricslike "I got my left hand on that booty / Got my right hand on that p-ssy"that'll make you blush. So who better for Fuse's Intimate Interview, right!? 

Right. The singer-producer-songwriter sat down with Fuse for a serious chat about all the important things, like Ryan Gosling's career-launching chick flick The Notebook: "I don't really get tears," he says of watching the emotional 2004 film. "But I've probably been on a date watching that and pretending to cry, like, 'Oh, I feel what you're going through...'"

The-Dream also, ahem, dishes on bringing food into the bedroom: "I've definitely put a peach cobbler on a back or two... and, you know, spray a little whip cream on top of it. That's a real peach cobbler!"

He also reveals his all-time best dream: "I had three islands that I owned and they all had golf courses on them. And, actually... mermaids," he says nodding. "Yeah... that was a pretty good dream."

Watch the full interview above for more, including The-Dream on switching lives with Denzel Washington and listening to Sam Cooke in heaven.