August 2, 2013


Producer Clinton Sparks on Nabbing Macklemore & Tommy Lee for Single

Clinton Sparks is a Boston-based producer who has worked on tracks from Pitbull and Lady Gaga, and just dropped his new single "Gold Rush," featuring Macklemore and 2 Chainz. In addition to the star guests, Sparks also recruited Tommy Lee to play drums in the track's new video. How did he assemble the star-studded lineup for his new single and visual? In one word: Networking. Sparks explains during a recent visit to Fuse's Manhattan HQ.

"I just took to Twitter and literally said, 'Somebody in Seattle, get me in touch with Macklemore,'" Sparks explains of connecting with the "Thrift Shop" rapper. "10 minutes after I put the SOS out, [Macklemore] personally responded. We exchanged numbers, I told him my idea, he loved it, said he wanted to be a part of it. It was that easy."

He also used Twitter to grab Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee.

"I saw a tweet by [Lee] that said, 'This song is badass' and a link. I clicked and it was my record!" Sparks explains. "I met him years before, reached out hoping his number was the same and it was. I sent him a message and he said, 'Yeah the song's rad!' When we started the video treatment, I wanted him to play drums, since he loved it so much. I called again, asked and he said he'd love to."

Watch the full interview above to find out how 2 Chainz got involved, and then watch the full "Gold Rush" music video below.