August 12, 2013


Dave Mustaine & Former Metallica Bassist Cover 'Kill 'Em All' Classic

Last night when Megadeth rolled into Toronto, frontman and original Metallica axeman Dave Mustaine brought out opening act Jason Newsted—who played bass in Metallica from 1986-2001—for a rare instance of Mustaine playing the music of his former outfit. 

Before long, concert footage of Megadeth covering the Kill 'Em All classic "Phantom Lord" hit the Internet. And although we're not quite sure this even counts as a proper cover—after all, Mustaine was in Metallica when Kill 'Em All dropped and he co-wrote the song—we are quite sure they utterly slayed the track. Not surprising, given that Megadeth still packs a wallop whenever they hit the stage.

Newsted—who joined Metallica long after Mustaine left—handled lead vocals on the thrash classic while Megadeth tore through a song they'd never played before. That being said, a solo Mustaine did join Metallica onstage two years ago to play this song as part of a celebration of the band's 30th anniversary. So although he told the audience, "I never ever play any music from my old band" before playing "Phantom Lord" for Toronto, he actually has played this song somewhat recently—just not with his own band.

Watch it above and relive Mustaine reuniting with his old estranged bandmates below.