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August 10, 2013


Drop City Yacht Club Explain Sound: "It's Beach Boys Meet Beastie Boys"

San Francisco trio Drop City Yacht Club know their band's name is confusing, but it represents their genre-fusing sound, which they describe as "somewhere in between the Beach Boys and the Beastie Boys." To speak to their musical duality, the group combined "Drop City" (the name of the first rural hippie commune) and "yacht club" (an expensive, stuffy playground who owners of luxury boats). 

"You hear [our name] and it's not supposed to make sense," says member Kristo. "Our music is all across the board, there really is no formula. If you know what Drop City is, a 'Drop City yacht club' shouldn't make sense either. It represents the duality that we have musically."

Their genre-blurring sound is best heard in debut single "Crickets"—a hip hop/pop/R&B hybrid featuring "Birthday Sex" crooner Jeremih. It hit the Top 40 of Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs earlier this year.

Watch the interview above for more on DCYC's origins, then check out the "Crickets" video below.