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Howard Stern Praises 'Insane Clown Posse Theater'

In an interview with Fuse News about 'America's Got Talent,' Howard Stern reveals his love for the "superstar" clowns!

Howard Stern is a man of varied tastes. On the red carpet of America's Got Talent last night, he revealed his love for Insane Clown Posse Theater!

Fuse News interviewed Stern as part of a segment on America's Got Talent, which can be viewed in full on the show tonight at 8/7C. Check out a clip of Stern's interview in the video above.

If you want to see why Stern enjoys the banter between Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope so much, tune into Insane Clown Posse Theater on Wednesdays at 11/10C!

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