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August 19, 2013


'House' Star Hugh Laurie Talks No. 1 Blues Album 'Didn't It Rain'

You know Hugh Laurie as the star of medical drama House, but did you know he's also an accomplished blues musician? In 2011, he hit No. 1 on Billboard's Jazz Albums with his cover album Let Them Talk. His sophomore effort, Didn't It Rain, currently sits at No. 1 on this week's Jazz chart. Dr. House stopped by Fuse HQ to talk his "romantic" new LP.

"There are so many great undiscovered treasures and all of these beautiful songs," Laurie begins explaining why he's opts for covers over original material. "It's like a beach going on for miles into the distance. Why would you try to make more grains of sand? Sand is not the problem. Making a sandcastle is a problem. Right now, I feel there's enough of that to keep me going."

And how does singing classic blues songs compare to acting? He explains, "In my own experience, acting is partly about putting on a mask. Music is about taking a mask off. Playing music is much more intimate, you're revealing a lot more of yourself. To actually open your mouth and sing or play an instrument, it's a very vulnerable thing—vulnerable in a good way."

Watch the full interview for more info on Didn't It Rain and it's accompanying tour above.